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General Terms & Conditions / Disclaimer:

  • All prices are in  Indian Rupees (INR) and the gifts are delivered only in India. Prices displayed in other currencies like USD, Euro, GBP are for display purposes only, and your bank may charge a slightly different rate based on day to day exchange rate. However, you can always pay the exact INR amount by using an Indian Credit Card / Netbanking account.
  • pochampallysarees.com does not guarantee the delivery date specified by the sender. pochampallysarees.com  will dispatch items within upto 72 working hours of receiving the order. If sender specifies a particular delivery date, pochampallysarees.com will postpone the dispatching of the item until such a date that it reaches around the specified date of the sender. In any circumstances, pochampallysarees.com does not guarantee the exact date of delivery specified by the sender. The date of delivery may vary according to the efficiency of respective couriers by which the items are dispatched and the remoteness of the recipient.
  • pochampallysarees.com If recipient is not at the given address, the item would be left with the neighbor along with an attached note. If neighbors refuse to accept, a message will be left on the door asking the recipient to call our local office. At this point the order is fully chargeable. For the items delivered by the courier / speed post / registered post, their respective policies apply. pochampallysarees.com reserves the right to charge the order if by any chance the recipient rejects the order for any reason.
  • pochampallysarees.com is not responsible for any kind of mishandling of credit card information given to EBS , its payment gateways, for the orders placed. Please take care that your card is not used in an unauthorized manner. We shall not be responsible for your card being charged in this manner. However if your card has been used without authorization, you should advise us the moment you receive the E-mail confirmation of the order which was placed or a charge from your bank.
  • pochampallysarees.com is not responsible for missed/late deliveries due to force majeure, curfews, acts of government, acts of nature, holidays, incorrect addresses or acts of war. pochampallysarees.com reserves the right to deny its services to any sender, without any explanation. pochampallysarees.com is not liable for more than the retail cost of item.
  • pochampallysarees.com shall try its best for prompt delivery; However delayed/early delivery for whatever reason shall not entitle the user for any damages or compensation. We reserve the right to cancel any order, at our sole discretion at any time, subject to a 100% refund of money paid. As the billing currency is INR, the refund will be done also in INR, and our maximum refund is limited to the INR value of your order. Your bank may charge you a conversion fee.
  • Display of Respective Items is as per specifications, color code and picture layout provided by the vendor. pochampallysarees.com does not own any product, and does not intend to infringe the ownership & trademark of respective product. We resell the items received on an as-is where-is basis to our online customers. Thus we don’t owe any liability on account of Intellectual Property either of vendor or the respective trademark owner.
  • Inspite of full caution taken at the time of delivery, pochampallysarees.com will not be responsible for a mis-delivery if the receiver of the item at the address on the order form misappropriates, damages or fails to hand over the item to the person named on the order form and takes the item posing himself to be the correct person.
  • The product/services provided on this site are without warranties of any kind. pochampallysarees.com does not warrant that the products/services offered will be exactly similar, error free, or that the defects will be corrected.
  •  Usually it takes 3 to 5 working days for the hand delivery by the courier but these may vary according to the remoteness of the area and efficiency of the couriers.
  • Orders once placed cannot be cancelled by the sender or recipient, and any changes in the same must be notified by the sender within TWO working hours after submitting the order. pochampallysarees.com will make its best efforts to incorporate changes but will not be held responsible if an advised change is not made. This policy is not applicable for orders placed during festive occasions like EID/Rakhi / Diwali / Valentine’s Day / Mother’s day etc.. due to high volume automated processing. Please note that during such occasions, orders once placed are final and cannot be changed.
  • If the customer is dissatisfied with the quality or the quantity of the products delivered, he / she should notify pochampallysarees.com within 12 Hrs of the delivery of the gifts. In such an event , we may replace the items delivered subject to an approval by our Q C department, and the items being in an unopened and resaleable condition.

Please note that no complaint for an exchange will be entertained if the same is made after 12 Hrs. of the delivery of the goods.

  • pochampallysarees.com will not charge more than the prices mentioned on its web pages but in certain unavoidable circumstances it reserves the right to change the prices anytime, without any prior notice and charge the sender accordingly.
  • pochampallysarees.com reserves the right to dispatch the gift items separately, not as a single package, if certain items in the package are not acceptable by certain couriers. local courier and  registered post parcel, even though they may supposedly be delivered in the same package.
  • pochampallysarees.com does not, in any way, claim ownership or right over the Trademarks, Brands and Company Names used at this site, which are owned by their respective owners/companies. References to these products and company trademarks are used solely for the purpose of identifying the products supplied at this site.
  • Please note that pochampallysarees.com cannot provide warranty / guarantee on any items.
  • While pochampallysarees.com ensures to deliver good  quality products from well known sources, it is not responsible if the quality of the product does not match the expectation of the recipient.
  • Under any condition whatsoever, our maximum liability to you is limited to the rupee value of your order, which is refunded under exceptional circumstances, at the sole discretion of  pochampallysarees.com.
  • pochampallysarees.com reserves the right to cancel any order, or deny services to any individual, at the sole discretion of the management, without assigning any reason for the same. However, such orders will be subject to a 100% refund of the INR value paid to us.
  • Please do note that pochampallysarees.com aims to post a refund, where approved as quickly as possible. However, certain banks take between 5-21 working days to post the refund back to your account, as per their own internal process. pochampallysarees.com cannot be held responsible for any delay in the refund being credited back to your account, and our maximum aggregate liability is restricted to the INR value of your order.
  • Please do note that we reserve the right to record and archive all customer communications in the forms including but not limited to telephonic conversations, emails, fax, letters etc for internal training & audit purposes.
  • If the Customs authority of your country levy any charges or any duty or tax on your order, you will be contacted or billed by them directly or through the couriers, and you will be responsible for this charge. This means that any Customs Duties or any other Duties if levied by any statutory body of the recipients country, are to be paid by the recipient in their respective country.
  • While most of the items are dispatched by National Level Couriers,some products may be dispatched by local courier, speed post or by registered post parcel depending upon the remoteness of the recipient.pochampallysarees.com has the sole authority to select the best means of dispatching from the above options.
  • pochampallysarees.com reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any point of time, without prior intimation to the users. However, they shall be posted here for reference.
  • In the event that any clause of these Terms & Conditions is deemed to be unenforceable, it shall be struck off from these terms & conditions, and the remaining clauses shall continue to apply.
  • In the unlikely event of a dispute relating to the services of pochampallysarees.com, a service provided by pochampallysarees.com, the dispute shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of HYDERABAD (India) courts.
  • The sender is bound to above terms and conditions once he/she places the order. The sender should read the above terms and place the order with pochampallysarees.com only if they are acceptable by him/her.
  • Usage of this site means that you accept the above terms and conditions in full