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Be a Style Diva Everyday with the Ikkat Cotton Sarees

When we talk about ethnic wear in India, the saree always takes centre stage because no other attire can make a woman feel both graceful and powerful at the same time. It suits every occasion, fits every mood and is always among the top trends!

So what is it that makes the saree such an integral part of the modern Indian woman’s wardrobe? How does six yards of cloth compete with the million other ethnic and formal wear that the market provides?

The answer lies in three words- comfort, attractiveness and affordability. And nothing combines these three words in the world of sarees as beautifully as a cotton saree does. The absolute beauty of a traditional cotton saree can never be replaced by anything else. This is because a cotton saree is no longer just a choice of couture. To the contemporary woman, it symbolizes a lot more that reflect their own vibrant personalities. A cotton saree stands for respectability and tradition. It stands for durability and strength. It radiates comfort and ease. Above everything else, it stands for beauty in simplicity which is the cornerstone of our way of life.

Our collection of cotton ikkat sarees are carefully created, crafted and curated keeping these values in mind. Made with the loving hands of highly reputed artisans of Pochampally, these sarees are a complete treat for the eyes. The designs deserve special mention because they are made using the time tested ikkat dyeing method that is world renowned for its rarity and artistry. Here, the yarns are knotted and dyed before pressing them on to the fabric which yields intricate designs that are hard to recreate. Repetition of this process leads to stunning designs that are truly one of a kind. When you drape a Pochampally saree around yourself, you are showcasing a true masterpiece!

So the next time you want to make a power packed appearance, choose an ikkat cotton saree. It’s the perfect style statement- subtle but strong! This is also the perfect go-to couture for professors, school teachers and office goers as they are lightweight, affordable and drop dead gorgeous! Cotton sarees stand the test of time so investing in a saree is probably the best fashion related decision you will make this season. All it takes is a bindi and some chunky ethnic accessories paired with comfortable sandals to give you that dewy everyday look that will make heads turn.

If you don’t have a Pochampalli saree in your wardrobe yet, now is the time to upgrade! With our wonderful, vibrant collection you will be spoilt for choice as each one is unique and equally mesmerizing. Prepare to lose yourself in a celebration of patterns, colours and art as you step into the world of Pochampally sarees. Feel like the queen you are when you look at yourself in the mirror wearing a resplendent cotton saree that pampers your looks, reflects your values and transforms you into a sparkling diva effortlessly!

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